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Our Story

Camping and motorhoming is in our blood, it’s something we’ve done for many years, tents, pop tops, coachbuilts and van conversions, we’ve tried them all. We have travelled extensively in the UK, France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Morroco, the Canary Islands and Australia.

Backpacking and wild camping in the 70’s and early 80’s was a great free way to travel in the UK and Europe.

As the camping season in the UK came to a close each year we would head off to Australia for the winter exploring the East Coast between Sydney and Cairns.

We had many pop tops and enjoyed the luxury of a larger coachbuilt but couldn’t help thinking there was something more suitable in between.

In 2007 we formed Vantage Motorhomes Ltd and with our fitted furniture background and motorhome experience we started designing and building new van conversion motorhomes based on the Fiat Ducato X250. With our new design layouts and focus on customer service it wasn’t long before we started to pick up many industry acclaimed awards.

Between 2007 and 2016 our business grew as van conversions became more popular and our brand became renowned for quality and good customer service. In 2016 Jane retired from the Police and Signature Motorhomes approached us to buy our business. After much deliberation we decided to take the opportunity to spend more time ‘on the road’ enjoying the hobby we love so much and off we went!

In April 2016 we travelled through France and down the east coast of Spain round on to the Costa Del Sol and as winter drew in we headed up to Huelva to jump on the ferry for our three month wild camping winter stay in the Canaries. Hopping between Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote and Fuertaventura and with the warm winter sun, this has now become our go to winter motorhoming destination – despite the fresh cool showers on the beach every morning!

After three years extensive travelling throughout Europe we returned to the UK to look for a new van conversion, by this stage ours had done over 120,000 miles. What surprised us most was that very little had changed, it was pretty much more of the same and yet the prices had shot up!

It was apparent that the only way we were going to get a new up-to-date conversion was to build it ourselves. After speaking to Fiat about a new base vehicle it became clear they were keen to get back involved should we decide to return to the industry. Many members of our original conversion team were also looking for a new opportunity and as a result Consort Motorhomes was born.